Living Fire

Essays on Identity, Sensuality, Passion, and the Seduction of Desire

Keeper of the Flame
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Inspiration comes, not when demanded, but when the door is open and the inviting fire is lit. We open ourselves to Inspiration, welcoming Her like a lover into our bed, into our bodies, into our hearts.

And when She doesn't come, what to do? Demand, insult, scream, cry? Clean? Or set out to seduce Her? Make promises with eyes and lips and tongues? Make promises with fingers on the delicate paper of Her skin? Create anyway, and prove our faithfulness to Her?

Come into my bed, my body, my heart, Inspiration. I'm longing for You. I miss You. It's cold out here without You.


1:  It is burning of the heart I want;
this burning which is everything,
Favorites:  6: Book Crossing, French Toast Girl's "Adventures in Chalking", Glamour Bombs, Generosity Game, Magnetic Poetry, Wikipedia

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